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6 Social Lead

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6 Social Co Facilitator

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Online Teacher Professional Learning Modules

Our online sessions explore a classroom-ready framework designed to make your job easier.  

You’ll discover a process that leverages students' interest in the world around them as a way to get all learners on side and drive high levels of engagement with core curriculum.

This highly collaborative, interactive process brings educators into our online learning sessions  to share and learn from each other.


Modules are $75. 

Based on the principles of Design Thinking and utilizing the 6 Cs of future ready learning, you and your students will discover and experiment with a problem finding and solving framework that can be tied to all areas of the curriculum. ​

The increased engagement that comes from pursuing inquiry based on personal choice within the subject not only leads to increased learning of the subject matter, but sparks astounding advances in the critical skills and resiliency of participants.

How does 6 Social work?

As a professional development opportunity, the program runs in a series of modules, broken down into shorter, easy-to-digest sessions over the course of a few weeks – available anywhere you have an internet connection. 


As an opportunity for students, that’s up to you and your class.

Working with peers in an collaborative online environment, you gain new skills and ideas that empower you to engage even the most difficult to reach students.​

It’s a flexible problem finding and solving process that you can use to connect curriculum to real world problems that are important to your students, while tapping into their love of technology.​

Skilled facilitators and design thinking and technology experts are there for you throughout.

You then bring the process and tools back to your classroom where students explore a social issue that directly affects them, create and validate a solution, then make compelling videos and animations that inspire change. The process can be easily applied across curriculum, extending the impact on learning.

The program culminates in a pitch-style sharing event at CONNECT conference where students impress educators and parents with their innovative ideas to make the world better.

"Being able to stand back and be a support for students engaged in their own learning directly aligned to their own interests AND meeting curriculum and learning skills expectations was an experience which cannot be truly explained with words. The growth of the involved students from just one day of experiencing this process is wonderful and has become infectious in my classroom."

6 Social Teacher

What could 6 Social look like in your classroom?

Cherrywood Acres Public School

Grade 7 students have seen racism on social media target and negatively impact members of their class and community. They are designing a website to promote inclusion and create awareness about online racism.​

Forestview Public School

Grade 7 and 8 students have seen members of their community negatively impacted by substance abuse. They are planning to create an online awareness program via social media to help young people who are facing challenges seek help and offer support before they turn to drugs.​

DSBN Academy

Grade 12 students are prototyping an app designed to help push important information out to the rest of the school population. This is addressing the problem that no one listening to the daily school announcements and vital scholastic, athletic and social information is not being received.​

Other classes are using the process to explore:​​

  • social studies curriculum such as medieval cultural practices of honour and manners, compared to contemporary behaviour​​

  • the learning process itself, for example one class is exploring the use of technology to facilitate student music performances in a split level class​​


6 Social has helped teachers bring forward innovative instructional approaches, while stimulating their love of teaching and their students’ interest in learning.​​


6 Social is a social innovation program for teachers and students. The Sagonaska School teachers and students worked with 6 Social facilitators John Scully and Hannah Cree from Learning Through the Arts to problem find and problem solve on challenges relating to their learning disabilities. The results were transformative.​


A complete set of tools to power your classroom​

6 Social has researched and tested a number of apps, mostly free ones, that support collaborative learning and documentation of learning. You'll learn to use these hands-on and learn how they can immediately boost engagement in your classroom.

"I can’t tell you how fabulous it made me feel as an educator to continue to learn something valuable, expand it, and bring it back to the classroom right away.


We think that we have problems and know the solution (but) breaking it down and looking back is the easiest thing and it has been an absolute joy to go through the whole process.


I really have found it valuable, not just personally but professionally to see the excitement and engagement in the students and to share it with some of the staff here as well."

Theresa Benson, Gr 5/6 teacher, Edith Cavell School


"I saw enthusiasm, engagement, and people passionate about what they were doing. These are the things I like to ignite in my classroom and I saw them all through 6 Social. The solution sharing was very energetic, and the students were invested in the social issue they were addressing. We couldn’t have asked for a better time."

Jill Russel, Technology Program Leader, DSBN Academy, District School Board of Niagara