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Shaun Elder

Executive Director, Learning Through the Arts

John Scully

6 Social Lead

Robey Sabo Stothart

6 Social Co Facilitator

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1. What is 6 Social and what will I learn?


This educator professional development program is an ideal resource for you to expand your abilities in the uses of online collaboration tools for brainstorming ideas, learning, creating together and communicating your findings. 

Based on Design Thinking, Social Innovation and utilizing future-ready learning, you will discover and experiment with a problem finding and solving framework.

This can be directly applied to working with your students in all areas of the curriculum including your math outcomes.  Learn how to weave the STEM curriculum to address a real-world problem where students can solve issues and that are a part of their community and life experiences.

Each week you can share your wins and the challenges that you face and receive support from your peers and program facilitators through an online sharing platform.


INQUIRY BASED LEARNING: Improve your inquiry based teaching and learning strategies using new digital instructional tools that are applicable across all subject areas and build strong student engagement. 

MATH ENGAGEMENT: Learn problem finding methodologies that can increase students skills in math with methods that increase their confidence and ability to solve math problems by first understanding the math tools and skills that they need to solve particular problems, as well as where they have gaps.

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Use digital tools that you can take immediately to the classroom to help your students better document their learning and apply critical thinking strategies as they reflect on their understanding and achievement. 

6 Social is a social innovation program for teachers and students. The Sagonaska School teachers and students worked with 6 Social facilitators John Scully and Hannah Cree from Learning Through the Arts to problem find and problem solve on challenges relating to their learning disabilities. The results were transformative.


2. How can 6 Social be applied in my classroom?

Watch this quick 5-minute video of 6 Social in action in a classroom in Ontario with students and educators showing and sharing their experience. 


3. What are the dates, times, and costs of the course? 


We're offering both our Community Challenges and Digital Storytelling modules.

Dates to be announced. $75.00 each.


4. How is the course delivered & what tools/ technology do I need?


It’s all ONLINE! You will need a digital device with a camera and access to strong internet. Ideally, you will use a desktop or laptop computer. It is also possible to join in on a smartphone or tablet, although this is not ideal.  

If absolutely necessary, there is also a dial-in number so that you can participate by voice only. Using video is preferred as you will be interacting with other educators in break out sessions online. It will be easier to get to know each other by being able to see each other and knowing when you can talk next! Either way, a computer is a must-have! If you need assistance in this regard, please contact us directly


5. How can I share my learnings with my students and what grade level is it tailored to?


During the course, you will be learning in real time with support from the facilitators and peers. We will explore how to use collaborative online tools, and apply social innovation theory within the problem finding and solving framework.  


PLUS we will provide valuable resources and interactive exercises that can translate from your online line sessions directly to your classrooms. The material is most suitable for grades 4 to 12 in any subject matter including STEM.


6. What kind of online tools will we be using?


For the weekly sessions, we will be using Zoom; an online video conference call system.We can share presentations, break off participants into their own small groups to discuss topics and have you use the online tools in real time.


During the online course we will be introducing collaboration and ideation tools like Padlet (brainstorming tool), MindMeister (mind mapping), Pollmaker, Mural (visually based, collaboration tool) and Slack (online communication tool for educators to talk about different topics, share tools, and for the facilitators to post information during the course too). 

We will walk you through how to use all of these tools. They are free for you to access throughout the duration of the course.  We have selected the majority of these tools as they are easy to use, and collaborate with, and are either free or low cost.


7. What is Social Innovation?


Currently, Social Innovation is a buzz word that has a much deeper meaning and is key to learning more integrated problem-solving techniques and connecting it to learning.

This will open doors for educators and students to work on solutions that they are passionate about. Watch the 3 min video to find out more.


8. Who is delivering the course and what if I miss a session?


This program originated in a partnership of DSBN iHUB and LTTA. Together we were awarded an Ontario Centres of Excellence to fund to bring these programs to you at a low cost.

There will be 2 facilitators from LTTA with 1 tech support person during the course, with support through the week via our online communication platform. We are also looking for your feedback throughout the program so that we can continue to tailor the course to the needs of

you and the other participating educators.


through the week via our online communication platform called Slack. We are also looking for yourfeedback throughout the program so that we can continue to tailor the course to the needs of you and the other participating educators.


It is important that you attend all sessions/modules as this is an interactive, LIVE, online session each time. Full participation is required to get the most out of the experience and learning. Each module builds on the next as we are taking you through an in-depth process.

There are no prerecordings, no long boring videos; this is a live session where you discuss, brainstorm and work within groups!  

We record each session, so if an emergency happens, you can view the proceedings and check out the session links to catch up. 

9. What does 6 Social mean?


The name 6 Social is based on the C's of future learning integrated with the word Social for Social Innovation. This course is like no other; integrating the 6 C's, Social Innovation and reimagining how we can connect and learn online.